Look: Untitled Comic #1

By Emma Beard

I use stylized characters in surreal environments to represent the struggles of coming to terms with personal identity, negative experiences and challenging mental states. In these comic-style illustrations I try to convey both the whimsical and the terrifying that rest in everyday experiences, and how these mundane routines translate to overarching themes of growth, pain, and transformation. I also explore the idea of being in a transitional or liminal state, which for me has been a re-occurring experience associated with my gender identity and sexual orientation. My primary medium is pen and ink on paper, which I either scan or photograph, and then edit to create a clean cut black and white image.

About Emma Beard
Emma Beard is a second year Ohio University student majoring in Psychology and minoring in Fine Art. She has been creating visual art for most of her life. She completed an AP Studio program at her high school, as well as an 8-month long independent study project that involved creating portraits of several students and staff members and installing them as a mural in her school. She identifies as bisexual and queer, and has spent the better part of the last five years exploring those identities. She sees her sexuality and gender as fluid, with not a lot of importance placed on the gender of who she is attracted to or how she conceptualizes her own gender. To her, these things are secondary to her personhood: instead of being seen first as a woman, she would rather be seen as simply a person.

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