About Qth

Be seen. Be heard. Be proud. 

The Mission

Qth Magazine is an online publication that amplifies queer voices for queer audiences. We seek to host and incubate a wide range of passionate creators and to encourage fellow queer folx to be fully seen.

The Story

There is far too much isolation among LGBTQ+-identifying people, especially young people. The feeling that you are alone is nefarious and can lead you to believe that your identity is alien, but the reality is that you are never alone. You are bold, you are real and you are magical. Own it. Be seen. Be heard. Be proud.

Qth aims to reduce that isolation by providing a platform for unfiltered experiences and artwork dealing with identity, gender and sexual orientation. There is a community of queer folx across the world who have also felt like the outsider, who have known the isolation and who simply understand. We want to show that queer folx are here and we will shout our truth to the corners of the earth until the world knows exactly who we are.

The People

Qth is produced collaboratively by a number of creators.