What is Qth?

Qth Magazine is an online publication that aims to showcase identity-based media from members of the LGBTQ+ community. Read Qth’s mission and story here.

What does Qth mean?

Qth is a made-up word created by slicing the last letter off of “LGBTQ.” It’s meant to delineate that this online magazine is created by and for queer folx.

“QTH” is also radio shorthand for position or location; each of us has a unique positionality to the world based on our intersecting identities. This positionality is shaped by our identities, experiences and socialization, and it impacts how we see and interact with the world around us. The stories you read, watch, hear and see on this website represent an artist’s unique positionality – their Qth.

Can I submit my work to Qth?

Yes! Please send all submissions to qthmagazine(@)gmail.com and someone will respond to you within 5-7 business days. Also, check out the submission policy below!

Are you on social media?

Yep! Check out our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

How can I support your work?

Give Qth a follow/shoutout on social media (see above). Submit your own artwork to qthmagazine(@)gmail.com. Feel free to send Qth a message with feedback or comments.

Submission Policy

  • Qth Magazine publishes media about gender and sexual orientation in several formats: written work (poetry, personal essays, articles, features), videos (artistic films, documentary-style narratives, video interviews), audio (podcast episodes, music, audio interviews), and visual art (photos, 2D art, 3D art).
  • Please submit media to qthmagazine(@)gmail.com with the subject line “Qth Submission.”
  • In submission emails, please include attachments of the media you wish to submit, a short bio about you or the artist, an artist’s statement explaining what the work means to you, and at least one photo of you or the artist.
  • Submitted media should have been created by someone who identifies as LGBTQ+. Straight and cis allies, we’re going to ask you to sit this one out – but feel free to support Qth by sharing any of the work featured on our website!
  • All submitted media must be entirely original work. No exceptions.
  • Unfortunately, Qth cannot guarantee publication of submitted media, but we will make every effort to respond to submission emails.
  • The submission deadline is the first of each month, and submissions will be reviewed during the first week of every month.